• "Senioruniversitetet i Lillestrøm" is a U3A-organisation located in Lillestrøm, Norway
  • Lillestrøm is the center town in the municipality of Skedsmo, located about 20 km. northeast of Oslo.
  • The organisation was created i 1993 and has since then grown to more than 1300 members in 2017.
  • The aim of the organisation is to give members a forum to study of subjects of their interest, exchange of experiences, social contact. participate in study groups, educational travels, etc.
  • The organisation is administered by volunteers elected by the members at the annual meeting.
  • The structure of the organisation is a board led by a chairman, and several committees.
  • The board arrange about 12 annual plenary meetings on subjects deemed of interest to members.
  • The committee for art and culture arrange visits to concerts, museums, theaters etc.
  • The committee for travel arrange travels, generally of a cultural and/or an educational nature.
  • The committee for history, society and science arrange series of lectures for in depth studies of particular subjects.
  • The members of the board and of the committes do their work without remuneration.
  • The annual membership fee at present is NOK 200 (about 20 EURO). This covers expences for meeting rooms and fees to lecturers for the plenary meetings.
  • The expences for cultural arrangments, travels and seminars are covered by fees to the paricipants.

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